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Thesis defense : A. BONDARENKO - Université de Paris

I am pleased to announce the thesis defence of Antonina BONDARENKO, University of Paris,

Monday 13 December at 9:30 am

Room 830, Olympe de Gouges

8 place Paul Ricoeur

Université de Paris

75013 Paris

Title of the thesis:

Verbless and Zero-Predicate Sentences:

An English and Russian Contrastive Corpus Study

The jury is composed of:

Christine BONNOT (INALCO, University Professor) Co-director

Agnès CELLE (University of Paris, University Professor) Co-director

Eric CORRE (Sorbonne Nouvelle University, University Professor) Rapporteur

Dagmar DIVJAK (University of Birmingham, Professor) Rapporteur

Serge FLEURY (Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Senior Lecturer) Examiner

Rudy LOOCK (University of Lille, Professor) Examiner

Graham RANGER (University of Avignon, Professeur des Universités) Examiner

The defense is public and subject to a health pass control at the entrance of the building at 9.15 am. Afterwards, entry will not be possible.

Kind regards,


Agnès Celle

Professor of Linguistics

UFR of Anglophone Studies

Université de Paris


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