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RaProChe : Recherche-action Professionnel·les-Chercheur·es

The RaProChe project is a research-action-training project starting in September 2019 between researchers from the Labex EFL and the MELangE (Mise en réseau des Études sur le Langage de l'Enfant) federative network, who specialize in language acquisition, and professionals from early childhood establishments in Paris.

The aims of the project are 1) to provide early childhood professionals with expertise in language acquisition and support methods, 2) to deepen our research into the language development of young children, and 3) to develop collaborations with the early childhood community.

The project is still in progress. Several initiatives have been undertaken to promote the project among early childhood professionals. Feedback from researchers to professionals took place in each structure. In addition, tool sheets for professionals have been produced (see below for examples). Finally, a website for professionals and the general public has been designed and is currently under construction.


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