The labex-EFL brings together key skills in the field of automatic language processing - a key element in digital society -, in the analysis and remediation of language pathologies at any age in life, in language teaching, which is essential for a multilingual and multicultural society, in the preservation of the diversity of languages ​​in the world (half of the 6,000 languages ​​spoken in the world are not described and a third is endangered), as well as for the support for language policies in developing countries (a majority of countries are multilingual).

The labex-EFL aims to promote these skills and research results within the scientific community but also to the socio-economic and cultural world.

The promotion of Labex EFL results notably involves:

  • a continuous effort of dissemination through scientific publications and participation in learned societies;

  • popularization actions to communicate these results to a large audience;

  • the production of language resources, in particular annotated resources (lexicons, database, corpus) made available to the scientific community;

  • the production of tools and devices, which are sometimes patented;

  • expertise and consultancy in France or abroad and in various fields, from language teaching to automatic language processing;

  • technology transfer to businesses.