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3rd CALL : 2021 Financing of conferences/study days/intensive training

Labex EFL can provide financial support for the organization of your conferences, workshops, study days or intensive training courses.

Labex EFL grant: up to 1000€.

This article lists the information to be provided for any application for funding of an event by Labex EFL. Once completed, this document must be sent to the Labex project manager ( who will forward it to the management team so that the application can be examined and voted on by the latter.

Remarks concerning this call :

- The support requested from Labex EFL may not represent more than 40% of the total budget of the event (co-financing required).

- The events must have a strong international profile and significant added value for the Labex EFL in terms of visibility.

- Training activities (other than intensive training) are not eligible under this call.

Information to be provided:

  • Title of the event:

  • Location:

  • Dates:

  • Persons responsible:

  • Specify the strands, operations, teams, members of the Labex EFL concerned:

  • Speakers expected :

  • Provisional program :

  • Number of participants expected (approximate) :

  • Detailed budget (expenses, expected income, co-financing requested or obtained, amount requested from Labex EFL) :

  • Website of the event :

  • Any comments :

Please also specify in a few lines (selection criteria)

  • Scientific quality (selection of speakers and lectures)

  • International character

  • Return for the Labex (mention of the Labex, announcements on the lists)

  • Number and involvement of Labex members (in the organization and participation)

Formulaire demande financement colloques
Download • 27KB


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