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Actions Défis Sociétaux: 3rd call for internal projects

1. Context and objectives of the call

The LabEx EFL is launching its third call for internal projects "Actions Défis Sociétaux" (Societal Challenges) aiming to encourage and strengthen the actions of valorization within the LabEx EFL.

Opened on January 20, 2021, this call will close on May 20, 2021 at midnight.

With some exceptions, funding will be from 2 000 to 10 000 euros per project for a period of 1 to 3 years.

2. Terms and conditions of participation

All actions led by a permanent member aiming to promote the work and research results of the LabEx EFL or the skills of its members to the socio-economic, cultural and institutional world are eligible. (Reminder: emeritus members are not authorized to manage credits and therefore cannot be the main sponsor of the project).

Projects must describe the context and the nature of the planned promotion action, as well as its financing method. Preference will be given to actions that put forward an identifiable tangible result. The scope of this action with respect to the socio-economic, cultural and institutional world must also be explained (the development of resources (corpus, dictionaries, etc.) will only be financed within the framework of this call for proposals insofar as the applicants demonstrate a real impact on the socio-economic, cultural and institutional world. Other projects aimed at the scientific community are financed by the research axes.)

The budgets allocated will depend on the nature and scope of the planned valorization action.

Selection criteria

- Consistency with the objectives of the challenge(s)

- Tangibility of the result

- Impact on the socio-economic, cultural and/or institutional world

- Respect of the principles of open science

- Visibility of the LabEx EFL

- The coherence of the financial package

The beneficiary of a grant commits to :

- inform the project manager regularly (and at the latest at the end of the project) of achievements justifying communication on the LabEx EFL website

- provide an end of project report

- provide a progress report if the action is extended beyond its initial term

- send a final budget indicating the details of the sums committed and reimburse the unspent sums.

3. Submission of applications and selection procedure

The submission of the file is done in two steps:

1 - The project leader expresses his/her intention to submit an enhancement action before March 04, 2021 by sending a brief description (100 words) in which he/she explains how his/her action fits into the objectives of the targeted priority challenge.

2 - The project leader then submits his project by sending the complete file (attached form) no later than May 20, 2021 at midnight.

Fiche Action Défis Sociétaux - 2021
Download DO • 28KB

The intention e-mail with a brief description and the complete file must be sent to the project manager (CC the person(s) in charge of the challenge(s) in which the valorisation action is included).

The files are examined by the challenge managers who may request additional information from the project leaders. The persons in charge of the challenges check that the projects meet the requested criteria, may propose to reorient or reschedule them according to the requested funding and are invited to defend the finalized projects at the CSR.

Applications are selected by the Restricted Scientific Council (CSR) of the LabEx EFL. The project managers of the selected projects will be informed in the days following the decision of the CSR by the LabEx project manager who will inform them of the financial terms of payment.

Summary of the 4 societal challenges

1-Défi de la pathologie, du handicap et
Download • 85KB

2-Défi de l'acquisition des langues et
Download • 187KB

3-Défis des langues minoritaires et des
Download • 369KB

4-Défi de la communication et de l'acce
Download • 151KB


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