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Distribution of AéroMask: simultaneous aerodynamic and acoustic data acquisition system

The Aeromask is an instrumentation system for obtaining acoustic and aerodynamic recordings simultaneously, without acoustic disturbance.

In 2008, Kiyoshi Honda, recruited via a Chair of Excellence at the Phonetics and Phonology Laboratory (LPP), and Shinji Maeda developed the first disposable pneumotachographic mask (2009 patent no. 0900696), thereby eliminating the health problem that existed with all previous devices, and enabling acoustic measurements on barely modified speech, unlike previous masks (such as surgical masks) made of plastic, a source of parasitic resonance. This first acoustically transparent mask makes it possible to quantify overall airflow during speech, i.e. airflow from the mouth plus airflow from the nose.

In 2018, Angélique Amelot, Amélie Elmerich and Shinji Maeda took over the development of this instrumentation to be able to use it in particular on speakers suffering from nasal polyposis, Amélie Elmerich's thesis subject.

The aim was to separate the flow of air from the mouth from the flow of air from the nose.

An initial acquisition system was installed at Hôpital Bicêtre, in Professor Jean-François Papon's department, where Amélie Elmerich carried out her thesis recordings, as well as in the maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery departments at Hôpital Necker.

A second system has been deposited at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where Iraj Hashemi is taking air flow and pressure data as part of his PhD work. The next steps will be to perpetuate these systems and also satisfy the demands of various research laboratories interested in this instrumentation.

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