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Fun phonetic/phonological learning of English through a lotto game.

The ADS Actions Défis Sociétaux project (2021-2024) is an extension of Clean Accent, an original creation by Pr Jacqueline Vaissière. The aim of this project is to develop a method accessible to all, based on phonetic and phonological principles, for the early teaching of English sounds and prosody. The authors of the teaching kit (in print and digital formats) are Jacqueline Vaissière, Christelle Exare and Maëlle Amand. The method, tested in an elementary school in Evreux, has given rise to the publication of an article and a paper. The deliverables include: the progression explained in a teacher's booklet with suggestions for games and pedagogical scenarios, 20 lotto boards each with 8 images, an illustrated vowel triangle, an evolving website, accompanying videos on Youtube covering the lessons and proposing passive waking learning, and a board game called Phonarticuloth.



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