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Retour sur le Symposium 2020

More than 50 researchers connected simultaneously to discuss, Strand by Strand, the main research work of the past year.

This was an opportunity for Labex members to get to know their colleagues' work better and to discuss possible links between their work.

This Symposium 2020 finally confirmed that the quality of the scientific work carried out by the Labex remained intact, despite the difficulties linked to the health crisis. Above all, the successful holding of this particularly important event in the life of our Labex shows once again the clear benefits of total collaboration between teams of leading researchers in the field of linguistics.

Our Labex continues its work more than ever, and hopes to be able to make it known to as many people as possible in real-life situations as soon as possible, when normal life becomes possible again.

In the meantime, you can find below all of our members' presentations and (re)immerse yourself in their work thanks to our videos.

Axe 1 : Syllable duration changes during babbling : a longitudinal study of French infant productions - Naomi Yamaguchi

Axe 1 : Coordination in verbal interactions - Leonardo Lancia

Axe 2 : Distributionnal semantics for derivational morphology - Matias Guzman Naranjo

Axe 2 : On quantifying and head-shaking in dialogue - Andy Lücking

Axe 3 : On the ongoing reclassification of the so-called Adamawa languages - Dmitry Idiatov

Axe 3 : Diatopic variation in the Croissant - Marc Allassionniere-Tang

Axe 4 : The use of acoustic information in the segmentation of speech at 6 months of age - Laurianne Cabrera

Axe 4 : Laughter as language accross the lifespan - Jonathan Ginzburg

Axe 5 : Multitask Easy-First Dependency Parsing - Nadi Tomeh

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