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Videos with subtitles in Tarighit (Berber language)

This subtitling project, for which funding was requested from LABEX EFL as part of the 2016 campaign, was finalized in early 2017. It involved subtitling into French documentary films in Tarighit, an endangered Berber language spoken in the Touggourt oasis (Algeria), collected on location by Amina Mettouchi (LLACAN)and edited with the help of Franck Guillemain, from UPS 2259.

The four audiovisual documents were subtitled in French in collaboration with Franck Guillemain, on the basis of translations made by Lahsène Hamada during her stay in France as part of an "inverse" mission.

In addition to the translation, the text-sound synchronization required considerable, but very interesting, work. An English translation is planned for even wider distribution.

The subtitled videos are online below:

- The Rider (7mn56), which presents the traditional equipment of horse and rider.

- La Palmeraie (4mn17), which presents the different types of dates and how to harvest them.

- Tea preparation (4mn27), which shows how to prepare a desert tea.

- Tools and utensils (6 min 40), a review of traditional oasis tools and utensils.


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