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Vox 3 : Prosody - The music of language

Speaking does not consist in linking words mechanically. In order to structure our speech, and to make ourselves better understood, we instinctively give rhythm to our speech. This melody of language, which varies according to the language, is called prosody.

Far from the simple rhythm of speech, prosody informs us about the linguistic universe that lives within each of us. The art of the accent makes it possible to give meaning beyond words, to transmit the singularity of our language, or to offer a doorway to the regional particularities that are expressed through our speech.

To better understand prosody, we discussed with Mariapaola D'Imperio, Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University (USA) and guest of the Labex EFL in the framework of its International Chair.

🎵 Enjoy your listening! 🔊


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