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Vox: the Labex EFL podcast about linguistics

It's a trendy format. Labex EFL is proud to present "Vox", its in-house podcast entirely dedicated to linguistics.

Bringing the voice of linguistics to your ears

Linguistics, a rich and complex discipline, is beginning to take on more and more importance in our society. At the crossroads of natural, cognitive, social, psychological and even computer sciences, linguistics has many connections with our daily life. It is because of our rich field of study and our desire to make it accessible to as many people as possible that we decided to create Vox, a podcast that highlights the members of the Labex EFL and their work.

We are convinced that science has everything to gain by putting itself at the level of each individual, even non-specialists, in order to offer them keys to understanding the world. The strong idea behind Vox is indeed to invite the sharing of knowledge on linguistics with the greatest number of people in order to nourish a more enlightened relationship on our lives and those of those around us.

Highlighting the scientific wealth of the Labex EFL

"Vox" is also conceived as a mouthpiece for the work of the many researchers who make up the Labex EFL. Through their diversity and their varied fields of study, it is a vision of linguistics as a global science that emerges, always driven by a search for scientific excellence.

Modern communication tools thus make it possible to bring academic knowledge out of the laboratory, making more concrete the progress that are made possible every day by our Labex. "Vox" takes the form of a more or less informal discussion with a specialist in a field of linguistics, trying to get away from the jargon of specialists to give food for thought to every citizen.

Through this podcast, we hope to provide a better image of linguistics, and to bring a maximum of people to be interested in this still little known science. "Vox" is a new privileged tool of our Labex to create a link with the general public, thought as a tool for the diffusion of knowledge and an intellectual food for all. Enjoy listening!


For this first episode, "Vox" meets Ranka Bijeljac-Babic, a member of the Labex EFL, the Integrative Neuroscience and Cognitive Center (INCC) of the CNRS and the University of Paris, as well as a former lecturer at the University of Poitiers. Ranka Bijeljac-Babic talks to us about bilingualism, and in particular its impact on language learning in young children. Between saving intellectual gymnastics and cultural openness, bilingualism is an important quality that should be cultivated and valued at any age.

Listen the podcast :


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