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Presentation of Labex EFL

The Laboratory of Excellence “Empirical Foundations of Linguistics” (EFL) is an original and ambitious project, which is based on the collaborative work of a consortium of theoretical and applied linguistics teams. Its goal: to open up new perspectives through an integrative approach by promoting the sharing of data, methods and theoretical points of view between various branches of linguistics.




The Labex EFL is based on a complementary and multidisciplinary approach to linguistics, and seeks to go beyond the usual compartmentalization of its disciplines. The pooling of data, research methods and dedicated teams gives an incomparable scope to the work carried out there and opens up new perspectives in the understanding of issues related to language.

Resolutely internationally oriented, Labex EFL maintains direct links with prestigious and multidisciplinary institutions around the world, such as CSLI Stanford and MIT (United States), the Max Planck Institute Nijmegen (the Netherlands), or SOAS (England). These partnerships translate into numerous mobility grants for doctoral students, as well as frequent conferences by visiting professors via the Labex International Chair.

The Labex EFL training program is a strong and central component of its identity focused on excellence. It is intended mainly for Masters students, doctoral students, but also confirmed researchers who revolve around Labex and the organizations that make it up. From seminars to thematic schools, through high-level internships or conferences, the Labex EFL thus carries a wide range of training actions.

Labex EFL team

Co-director of Labex EFL

Sorbonne-Nouvelle University

Co-director of Labex EFL


Co-director of Labex EFL

Sorbonne Paris North University

Training Manager

Project Manager of Labex EFL

Sorbonne-Nouvelle University

Valuation Manager

Communication manager

Director of Labex EFL


University of Paris


Emmanuel Cartier


Christel preterre

Co-director of Labex EFL

Sorbonne-Paris North University


Maxime Hebert


Barbara hemforth


Pollet Samvelian


Anaid Donabedian

thierry charnois.jpeg

Adeline Nazarenko

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