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Vox 11 : Phonology around the world

Phonetics is an important part of the language sciences, which focuses on analyzing how we produce sounds and how they make sense in our environment. The human phonatory apparatus is indeed an inexhaustible source of treasures for the linguist. This is especially true when we consider the diversity of languages around the world.

From the people of Tanzania who use "clicks" to communicate, to the Berbers who whistle to exchange information over long distances, our planet is full of captivating linguistic phenomena, which our guest of the day, Didier Demolin, teacher-researcher, member of the Phonetics and Phonology Laboratory of the Sorbonne-Nouvelle University, has been analyzing during his entire career.

Let's discover with him the forms that phonology takes in the field, and let's learn more about this fascinating world of ethnolinguistics.

🎵 Good listening ! 🔊


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