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Vox 9 : A corpus for the Uyghur language

Poorly documented, poorly known, invisible even in China, its own country, the Uyghur language remains a shadowy area of modern linguistics. It is to the stimulating and demanding task of giving it a new scientific impetus that our guests of the day have set themselves.

Zulipiye Yusupujiang is a doctoral student, and Jonathan Ginzburg, a teacher-researcher at the Université Paris Cité, member of the LLF and of the UFR d'études anglophones, is directing her doctoral thesis. Together, they have built a protocol for the Uyghur dispora in order to collect significant amounts of data on the Uyghur language, in spontaneous conversation.

A scientific and sociological goldmine that will inspire researchers and contribute to documenting a language at the heart of the storm.

Let's discover their work in this new episode of Vox!

(Language of the podcast: English)

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Recent article to be found on Jonathan Ginzburg's personal page :

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